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In this global market, the export opportunities are unprecedented and so are the challenges. In addition to having knowledgeable and reputable trade partners, it is important to know your export risks and costs and to have an export finance plan to guide you through these changes; one that you can implement quickly and correctly, the first time.

Export Assist will help you create and execute this export finance plan. With over a decade of experience in the export finance business, we can advise you how to do this effectively and successfully, with a minimum amount of stress and confusion.

Export Credit and Finance
In this high-stakes, detail-oriented business of exporting, a small mistake on a document can result in a lost shipment. A process misunderstanding can slow a delivery for weeks, and one small error can cost an exporter thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Export Assist can act as your outsourced export credit department, handling your short and medium-term transactions, or it can assist your own credit department to facilitate and expedite their processing.

Export Tax Advantages
Whether you are a publicly-traded or privately-held corporation, you could benefit from export tax savings. Using our EXPORT TAX ADVANTAGE® Services, we can help you to structure your export plan in such a way as to maximize your tax benefits.


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