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The Trade-T-System®; (patent pending) is a unique transaction cost, risk evaluation and pricing methodology created to help U.S. exporters and financial institution lending officers better understand, analyze and complete their export finance transactions. This system can be used manually by the exporter and lending officer as taught in Export Assist’s Exporter Finance Guidebook and Export Lender Course, plus it will soon be incorporated into our website technology thereby enabling the evaluation of your export finance transactions quickly and correctly online.

The system uses the letter “T” as the foundation for understanding and analyzing the transaction term or number of days and the pre- and post-export activity, as illustrated below.

Using the Trade-T-System®, you can effectively compile all of the relevant data in one inquiry session, easily recognize and evaluate loan criteria, assess export credit risks and determine a viable export finance solution. By reaching these financial decisions in a thorough and rapid manner, you are able to minimize the largest overhead expense of export financing – the time and resources expended on transactions that cannot be financed – and to maximize the potential profit of those transactions that are funded.

The Trade-T-System® tracks all of the net finance costs as a percent of each export invoice by market, region and in total, helping the exporter to manage price adjustments as costs fluctuate.

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