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Export Assist can help the exporter reduce the burden of securing export transaction financing by:

  • constructing the transaction in such a manner as to mitigate your risk and maximize your financing opportunity, and
  • preparing and submitting the application and documentation.

Based upon the exporter’s qualifications, we will work with various financial institutions to arrange export working capital financing with your bank or a recommended one, and structured financing for overseas buyers. In addition, our in-depth experience can help to provide the necessary credit enhancements that make your export transaction more bankable. We take into consideration all aspects of the export transaction, including the type of product being exported, the exporter’s cash flow objectives, the requirements of the buyer, country risks, export restrictions, and the need for guarantees and international credit insurance.

Institutional Financing
Export Assist will work with you and the bank, forfait house and/or factoring company best suited to meet your export finance needs.

Banks - The first place that many exporters look for financing is their commercial bank, but their commercial bank may not have the export financing expertise necessary to efficiently process and fund your export order. Export Assist can help you find the right commercial bank that will meet your specific needs on an efficient and timely basis, one with an experienced and knowledgeable export finance department.

Forfait Houses – Forfait is the nonrecourse discounting of trade bills guaranteed by a bank in the importer’s country. It enables the exporter to transfer the payment risk to an export financing entity by selling the receivables at a steep discount. In doing so, the exporter transfers its payment risk to the bank or finance company and receives payment in cash up front. Export Assist has experience working with many of the banks and finance companies based in London, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt and New York that participate in forfait.

Factoring Companies – In order to avoid tying up working capital and spending substantial amounts of time administering receivables, Export Assist can help the exporter arrange with a U.S. factoring company to purchase its invoice and pass it to the import factor for assumption of the credit risk and administration and collection of the receivable. The two most common financing arrangements are cash in advance and collection factoring. Factoring also enables the exporter to increase its competitiveness by allowing shipment on open account terms while providing guarantee of payment at time of shipment or when the receivables are due.

Export Assist’s charges vary per project but generally result in a fee equal to a percent of the total amount of the working capital financing (including expense and general overhead of the working capital financing facility) and a fee equal to a percent of the amount of each medium-term transaction structured for buyers on behalf of the exporter.

Long-term transactions (ten to thirty years in duration) and structured project financing requests involving capital contributions and institutional funding are priced based upon our involvement in the project.

Call us at 800-894-8366 or e-mail us at for a FREE consultation on any of your export transactions.


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