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Export Assist's Outsourced Export Credit Services help the exporter to structure and manage buyer financing in order to successfully complete and ship the order.

Acting like your international credit and treasury department, we assist you in getting paid for your export orders by providing and managing the following export financing tools.

      Online Export Letters of Credit
      Online Documentary Collection
      Open Account
      Insured Accounts Receivable
        International Credit Insurance
      Factoring Guarantees
      Medium-Term Promissory Notes
      International Leasing Contracts

Outsourcing the above credit services to Export Assist allows you to focus your resources on business-critical activities while delegating export credit functions to reliable and experienced professionals. By combining several of these credit services, you can create an entire outsourced export credit department.

In addition, your bottom line will benefit from:

  • increased working capital
  • attractive rates
  • lower daily sales outstanding (DSO)
  • prompt and timely receipt of funds
  • elimination of costly document errors and inefficiencies
  • leading edge technology without the capital expense
  • potential tax savings.

Plus, these credit services could help you to benefit from one of Export Assist's EXPORT TAX ADVANTAGESM Plans that is custom-designed to meet your financial objectives, such as retirement/estate planning and increased ownership returns.

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