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The worldwide financial situation and the local credit and hard currency crunches have increased the risk of exporting, thereby making it difficult for exporters to find the trade financing needed to sell overseas. Plus, exporters are experiencing strong competition in many of their markets, which makes export financing an even more critical element in successfully making the sale.

Not only are credit and collections an important part of your treasury function, so is the identification and utilization of various sources of export finance. In addition to our Outsourced Export Credit Services, Export Assist can aid you in determining and obtaining the financing so critical to your company’s ongoing profitability.

We do this by providing the following services:

Apart from our individual credit and finance services, Export Assist also offers EXPORT TAX ADVANTAGE® Plans that are custom-designed to meet your financial objectives, including tax savings, retirement/estate planning and increased ownership returns. If you are interested in receiving a FREE EXPORT TAX ADVANTAGE® Analysis and Report created specifically for your company, please click here. There is no obligation.


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