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Export Assist can help the exporter obtain the working capital that best meets its exporting objectives, including improved cash flow, cost reductions and tax savings.

Internal Cash Flow Planning

Because Export Assist is experienced and knowledgeable about the full range of export financing programs available to the exporter, we can easily assist you in choosing the most beneficial one based upon your internal cash flow needs. Export working capital can be obtained in a variety of ways.
One of the most common is the export credit programs offered by:

  • Export-Import Bank of the U.S. who joined with the Small Business Administration to offer the Export Working Capital Program (EWCP)
  • Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA)
  • Agency for International Development (AID)
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporations (OPIC)
  • Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC).

International agencies, such as the World Bank, and regional development banks are also potential sources of working capital, as are private sources of export credit, such as regional banks, U.S. branches of foreign banks, factoring companies, trade finance companies, leasing companies, forfait houses, export trading companies and private insurers.

Export Assist can advise you regarding how to choose the best payment terms, taking into consideration the trade-off between cost, risk and marketing as well as local country and industry practices; and, the most effective financing techniques, including discounting receivables, factoring, banker’s acceptances, bank lines of credit, countertrade, leasing and forfaiting.

In addition, we help you benefit from export financing vehicles, such as the Interest Charge Domestic Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) and the U.S. Virgin Islands Export Corporation (VIEXCO). These entities not only facilitate export financing, they can also simplify and reduce costs on other export-related activities, including invoicing, marketing, warehousing and tax management.


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