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How to Financially Power the Flow of Export Orders

The Exporter Finance Guidebook can help you, the exporter who is attempting to obtain export financing, to:
compile your own corporate data relating to your export financing needs
better evaluate the risk and cost of the financial plan presented back to you by the lending institution
adjust prices per market as the finance costs rise or fall, thereby preserving profitability.

What You Will Learn
You will learn how to finance your export orders without wasting important time and effort. Using the Trade-T-System® methodology (patent pending), you will be able to:
quickly assemble the transaction information
assess export credit risks
determine a viable export finance solution.

To Order
When you order the Exporter Finance Guidebook, you not only receive important information that is difficult to find anywhere else, you also receive FREE ongoing support and advice from Export Assist's professional, experienced staff. At only $39.95, the Exporter Finance Guidebook is the best investment you can make to help fulfill your export financing needs. Click here to order.

“ U.S. exporters are fortunate to have available the uniquely comprehensive financial export services organization that Joseph Englert’s Export Assist, Inc. represents. It has been a pleasure watching him expand and diversify throughout the last decade – and it’s still happening. I can only add that as the former owner of an export trading company for over 20 years, I wish Joe and Export Assist had been there when I was.”

L. Fargo Wells
Author, EXPORTING: From Start to Finance
Pomona, California


Guidebook Topics
The Exporter Finance Guidebook includes:
Pre-Export and Post-Export Financing - export transaction terms and financing, transaction term segments
The Trade-T-System® - easy to learn "T" system methodology including Transaction Inquiry Sheet, Risk Evaluation Sheet, Solution Worksheet, and Financial Tool Box
International Trade Document Structure - sale/purchase documents, incoterms, collection documents, shipping documents, import documents; Trade-T-System® document structure
Pre-Export Financing Tools - for working capital: cash in advance, government-sponsored programs, trading companies
Post-Export Short Term Financing Tools - cash in advance, Letters of Credit, documentary collection, open account, factoring, international leasing
Post-Export Medium Term Financing Tools - international credit insurance, Ex-Im Bank payment guarantees, standby letter of credit, forfeiting, international leasing.

Ongoing Support

Export Assist will provide you with FREE ongoing e-mail support related to the content of the guidebook. Our goal is to help you apply your new export finance skills immediately and obtain the successful results that you want.

Order the Exporter Finance Guidebook today for $39.95.


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