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How to Build a Profitable Export Loan Portfolio

This course is designed for the export lending officer and representative who want to quickly and thoroughly grasp the export finance business in order to make successful financing decisions. It is presented in partnership with The Export-Import Bank of the United States. Export Assist is the first private enterprise to work in conjunction with this U.S. government facility.

What You Will Learn
You will learn how to recognize bankable value in an export transaction without wasting important time and effort. Using the new, easy-to-learn Trade-T-System® methodology (patent pending), you will be able to:
quickly assemble the transaction information
easily recognize and evaluate loan criteria
accurately assess export credit risks
successfully determine a viable export finance solution to make the loan
effectively administer the lending commitment to track collateral and file claims.

"Your (Mr. Englert's) outstanding presentation was practical, client-focused, and relevant....Typical remarks by participants were: 'J.E. did a great job tying everything together' and 'Joe was, without qualification, the best.' I am grateful to you for doing such a fine job."

Daniel J. McLaughlin
Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of Commerce
International Trade Administration

Training Programs

Export Assist currently offers the following education and training programs for those involved in export lending, such as loan officers, trade finance managers and training managers, who want to ensure the profitability of their export lending program by improving their ability to make successful financing decisions. Each course includes all of the Export Lender Course materials plus case study examples of export transaction lending.

Self-Study Program
This is a practical and self-contained training course that details both the theory and practice of export finance. You designate the pace and order of study and Export Assist provides ongoing support. This essential and valuable training tool for export finance modeling is flexible, cost-efficient and highly informative. (Estimated time: 20 hours)

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Train the Trainer Program
One of our qualified instructors will provide intensive training for your trainers coupled with our self-study program. This two-day course provides your financial institution with a cost-efficient method of training for entire departments in different geographic regions, plus it promotes bottom line profitability from your export-related transactions and their associated revenue.

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Private Group Instruction
One of our qualified instructors will provide a one-day intensive training workshop designed specifically for your company or financial institution. In addition to our self-study program, the instructor will work with your personnel to help them successfully resolve their trade transaction problems.

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Attendees have included:
Africa Trade Institute * Allfirst Bank * AmTrade International Bank * Atlantic Central Bankers Bank * Banco do Brasil * Bank of America * Bank of Belton * Bank of Colorado * Bank of Ellaville * Bank of New Hampshire * Bank of Nova Scotia * Bank of San Francisco * Bank of Tampa * Bank One International * BNP Paribas * BPD International Bank * CFS International * Chase Manhattan * CIT Group * Citizens National Bank * Coast Commercial Bank * Coastal Bank * Comerica Bank * Commercial Bank of Everett * Compass Bank * Eastern National Bank * Export-Import Bank * First National Bank of Arvada * Frost National Bank * Howard Bank * HSBC Bank USA * Hudson Savings * Los Robles Bank * Mellon International. * Merita Bank *Metro Bank * National City Bank * Old Kent Bank * Pacific People™s Heritage Bank * Republic Capital Corp. * Pacifica Bank * Park Avenue Bank * Pueblo Bank & Trust * Randolph Bank & Trust * Santa Barbara Bank & Trust * Silicon Valley Bank * Sovereign Bank * State Bank of India * Union Planters Bank * Wachovia Bank * Washington Trust Bank * Plus Œ Ex-Im City State Partners & Delegated Authority Lenders and the U.S. Commerce Department's Foreign Commercial Service personnel stationed worldwide.

Course Participant Comments

“Thank you once again for what is turning out to be a most profitable investment.”

Mellon Bank

“[I] gained an understanding of the most appropriate finance choices as well as evaluating potential profitability…No changes, keep going!”

Allfirst Bank

“A must attend for any serious international trade facilitator!”

Maryland Trade Finance

“Best seminar I have had in 16 years of international trade.”

North Carolina Ex-Im Bank
City/State Partner & Small Business &
Tech Development Center

“The Trade-T-System® allows you to visualize what in the past has been somewhat difficult.”

MS Development Authority

“….Very good learning tool. An excellent tool to inform managers quickly.”

Overton Bank & Trust

Course Materials
Comprehensive Guidebook - A 228-page binder with detailed information about transaction financing, working capital guarantees, international credit insurance, transaction management, and Trade-T-System® methodology. Includes a resource section with sample documents.

Audio Cassette Tapes
- Each tape reviews a section of the Guidebook, using interesting, informative trade finance anecdotes to
illustrate the information. (Total time: 8 hours)

- The video presents a dynamic overview of the export finance business using the real world experiences of three exporters and their trade finance problems. Financing tools discussed are Letters of Credit, international credit insurance, and cash in advance. (22 minutes)

- The workbook is based upon the video. Using it, you will learn how to apply the information in each of the three export finance case histories and to assemble and analyze each trade transaction quickly and effectively.

Course Topics
The Export Lender Course includes:
Export Transaction Financing - transaction vs. equity-based export financing
The Trade-T-System® - easy to learn "T" system methodology including Transaction Inquiry Sheet, Risk Evaluation Sheet, Solution Worksheet, and Financial Tool Box
Pre-Export and Post-Export Financing - export transaction terms and financing, transaction term segments
International Trade Document Structure - sale/purchase documents, incoterms, collection documents, shipping documents, import documents
Pre-Export Financing Tools - for working capital: cash in advance, government-sponsored programs, trading company
Post-Export Short Term Financing Tools - cash in advance, letters of credit, documentary collection, open account, factoring
Post-Export Medium Term Financing Tools - international credit insurance, Ex-Im Bank payment guarantees, standby letter of credit, forfeiting, international leasing
Transaction Cost Analysis - calculating and analyzing transaction financing costs
Recognizing the Financial Opportunity - defining the transaction, selecting the financing tools, defining loan opportunity and amount
Opportunities to Increase Lender Revenue - transaction financing fees, the dual-use collateral transaction
Ex-Im Bank’s Working Capital Guarantee Program (WCGP) and SBA’s EWCP
International Credit Insurance - private credit insurance, Ex-Im Bank's credit insurance, short and medium term credit insurance policies, lending institution credit insurance
Transaction Management - export transaction loans, collateral management, the WCGP Guarantee, WCGP guarantee administration, WCGP claims and recoveries
Resources - export-related information and sample export trade documents.

Ongoing Support
Upon completion of The Export Lender Course, Export Assist will provide you with ongoing support. This includes assistance with deal structuring, electronic Q&A bulletin board, instruction and advice by e-mail and phone, and assistance with workbook completion. Our goal is to help you apply your new export finance skills immediately and obtain the successful results that you want. If you are not satisfied with these results after two transactions, please let us know.

For More Information….
please contact us at 800-894-8366 or by e-mail. We offer flexible purchasing plans to meet the needs of our customers, individually or in a group. Click here to order and register.


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Education and Training

The Export Lender Course

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